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Next Rally Day Sunday 20th October at 9am


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Cobbitty Pony Club is a family oriented club that is located within the grounds of the Bicentennial Equestrian Park, in Camden.  Riding members of all ages enjoy a full range of activities with instruction from our dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. 

Our club runs rally days on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month and we also hold an annual camp and gymkhana.  



SUBMISSION TO COUNCIL CLOSED! waiting to hear the outcome in regards to Cobbitty Pony Club facing a major upheaval in the future with Camden Council proposing to build a cricket facility next to our grounds.  

In order for them to build this facility, they will need access, which will be temporarily be sought through the Equestrian Park with a road right in front of our clubhouse.  The Council is proposing to move our clubhouse to the area we currently park our floats.  As a committee, we are opposed to the access coming through the Equestrian Park as the amount of traffic is likely to impact on our riders and it is ridiculous to make such a disruption and spend enormous amounts of money to move our clubhouse and upgrade the causeway for a temporary road. For more details please click here to visit our news page -