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10th January 2020

New for 2020 is Team App for keeping up to date with Rally days and events

Simply download Team App from the App Store or Google Play and search for Cobbitty Pony Club. (If you are an existing Team App user the Cobbitty Pony Club app will appear on your home screen ).  There is also a website version which updates dynamically with the app:

We hope you enjoy your Team App experience!



7th December 2019

The AGM was held on 1st December, thank you to all who attended and those who sent through proxy votes. 

The 2019 Committee was voted for unanimously, congratulations to the new committee we look forward to 2020


Elysha Sargent

Vice President

Renee Triance


Kate Hogan


Maisie Herd

Membership Secretary

Susie Bunt

Zone Delegate

Therese Schipp &

Maisie Herd

Committee Members

Therese Schipp

Alternate Zone Delegate

Lauren Cranfield


Kate Hogan

BEP Delegate

Elysha Sargent


Tamzin Bargwanna

BEP Alternate Delegate

Kate Hogan


Susie Bunt

Club Corporate Member

Therese Schipp


Renee Triance

Safety Officer

Therese Schipp


Maisie Herd

Member Protection Officer

Tamzin Barwanna


Lauren Cranfield




Mooneen Clarke




Elysha Sargent




Renee Darby





SUBMISSION TO COUNCIL CLOSED! waiting to hear the outcome in regards to Cobbitty Pony Club facing a major upheaval in the future with Camden Council proposing to build a cricket facility next to our grounds.  

10th December 2018

Cobbitty Pony Club is facing a major upheaval in the future with Camden Council proposing to build a cricket facility next to our grounds.  See below links for plans so you can see the details.

In order for them to build this facility, they will need access, which will be temporarily be sought through the Equestrian Park with a road right in front of our clubhouse.  The Council is proposing to move our clubhouse to the area we currently park our floats.  As a committee, we are opposed to the access coming through the Equestrian Park as the amount of traffic is likely to impact on our riders and it is ridiculous to make such a disruption and spend enormous amounts of money to move our clubhouse and upgrade the causeway for a temporary road.

We are urging current and former members to please view the plan and put something in writing to council by Friday 25.1.19.  As a club we fought hard to gain our current position on the grounds, which entailed all our members going to the Council meeting and many hours of lobbying to gain our position.  This is all being usurped by the Council who could build their access to the new Cricket facility up front and avoid taking part of the Equestrian Park which will inconvenience all user groups.

The Council has given Cobbitty Pony Club no undertaking in writing about where our gear will be stored whilst the clubhouse is being moved, who will pay for storage, and how long there will be no access via the causeway.

Please have your say as this is the only opportunity will we get to voice our opinions.

Camden Councils Draft Fergusons Land Masterplan has been placed on public exhibition   (bottom of page).

The draft masterplan identifies the scope for the ultimate cricket facility as well as for Stage 1.

The draft Fergusons Land Masterplan is on exhibition until 25 January 2019 and available to view above or at Council's administration building in Oran Park, the Camden Civic Centre, Camden, Narellan and Oran Park Libraries. Written submissions are welcome from the public and should be received no later than Friday 25 January 2019. The can be emailed to or addressed to the General Manager, PO Box 183, Camden NSW


8th December 2018

The AGM was held on Wednesday 5th December, thank you to all attendee's and those who sent through proxy votes. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the outgoing executive committee members who have put in so much time and dedication to the running of the club. There are over 20 years served between them, thank you Melanie Mullholland , Peta Duffurn and Emily Bell your contribution is greatly appreciated.

The 2019 Committee was voted for unanimously, congratulations to the new committee we look forward to 2019.

President - Elysha Sargent

Secretary - Kate Hogan

Treasurer - Maisie Herd

Registration Secretary - Susie Bunt

Chief Instructor - Therese Schipp

Zone Delegates - Jenny Frankum & Therese Schipp. 

Reserve Zone Delegrate - Kate Hogan & Sam Rae

General Committee Members: Emily Bell, Peta Duffurn, Tamzin Barwanna & Renee Triance.